NPC: Otta Marget Hane: Halfling Cooper (Barrel maker) by Anthony Morales

Two points make a line but they don't indicate a trend. However, this second NPC I've written means a 100% increase in the number of NPCs published by me! There is a new Subreddit for RPG NPCs called RPG_NPCs. It's there that I've posted my second NPC, Otta Marget Hane. Otta is a halfling barrel maker with a secret desire to be an adventurer so she can fight for justice and find her father's murderer.

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NPC: Elenel Refaril Limic, Half-Elf Locksmith by Anthony Morales

This is the first of what I hope will be many posts of NPCs, Locations, Adventure Hooks, etc. I haven't yet defined a goal beyond: write everyday. I plan to use this content in my own games and writing. I'm sharing it here mostly because I'd like feedback. Because I play primarily D&D 5e, I'm using the format suggested in the DMG.

Pronunciation Guide:

EL-eh-nehl Reh-FAR-ihl LIH-mec




Chaotic Good


Locksmith (apprentice). Got the job by picking a creating his own lock and placing it on door of his future teacher, locking her out of her workshop.


His hands are scarred from the many cuts and scrapes from working with metal.


Extremely intelligent - especially with machines. Loves puzzles but oblivious to the reactions of others when he solves announces the solution before most others have even begun to form a hypothesis.


Great at impersonations. Does impersonations when he tells stories, even in conversation.


Stares into the distance when listening.

Interaction Trait:


Useful Knowledge:

Knows that a known thief came into his teacher's shop asking him for an unusual lock. Knows the best spot for watching the whole of the market.




Wants a chance to open the "unpickable" Ygra Clasp, a legendary (probably mythical) lock said to guard a fabulous treasure.


Elenel's curiosity got the best of him two weeks ago. Curious to figure out how one merchant seemed to make the most money, he watched the him conduct business for a few hours. He figured out the merchant's famed mechanical scale tips prices in his favor ever so slightly in a complicated, but not random, pattern. Proud to have figured it out, yet oblivious to the consequences of his actions, Elenel blurted out his discovery in front of all the merchant's customers. Now the merchant, who until two week ago ran the most successful general goods kiosk in the market, wants revenge.