Chapter 1: Revenge of the Necromancer / by Anthony Morales

A mad necromancer seeks to end the bloodline of her former lover using a dark ritual she discovered in her research.

The party walks up to the ambush. Pip the gnome dashes off after the attacker fleeing down the forest path. Adahn the fighter is unsure of who to help, shield bashes the nearest attacker. Then Isen, cousin of Lord Kellen, calls out for them to help Lord Kellen. They dispatch the attackers. Isen urges them to chase down fleeing cultist who has taken Acronicta the dagger of House Omvor, shows them a path that leads to a cut-off. The gnome chases down the main path while the rest of the party takes the shortcut.

The gnome catches up with the fleeing bandit in a decaying cemetery. The bandit reaches into his cloak, pulls out a vial and smashes it on the ground. A eerie mists spreads out and 3 skeletons rise from the graves. They lurch towards the gnome. At that moment, the rest of party catches up and distracts the skeletons. A fight ensues, (another shield bash or two) the party dispatches the skeletons and the bandit, recovering a single green handkerchief and a little coin.

Back at the site of the ambush, Isen introduces Lord Kellen of House Omvor, who thanks them for the return of Acronicta, the symbol of House Omvor. Isen tell the party that the bandits were delivering a message from Ghaz Etmos, former lover of Kellen. He tells their story and that Etmos has discovered a ritual that will end the line of Omvor. It’s terrible news to Lord Kellen who has, after decades of solitude, found someone to marry and continue the line. They don’t know Ghaz Etmos’ plan, but suspect it has something to do with the dagger Acronicta. It’s a magical dagger, dull. No whetstone can sharpen it. It’s properties are lost to time, the only thing known is that it was part of rituals performed at an ancient family shrine that is long abandoned. Isen urges the party to investigate the shrine for clues.

A zealous gleam in his eye, the gnome doesn’t hesitate to take the challenge.

The party use a rough map drawn by Isen to Omvor Shrine. The marble building is a shrine to gods long forgotten. Vines and fungus grow off the roof edges and overhang the arched doorway. The forest canopy is thick and allows dappled light onto the facade.

The entrance collapsed long ago into a rough cave. The inner doors to the chapel are guarded by two bandits. One a greenhorn asking questions of the grizzled veteran. Adahn rushes the nearest bandit and bashes him with his shield. They easily overwhelm the bandits. A search reveals two more green handkerchiefs and an unlabeled map. Ghaz Etmos and two cultists are in the chapel conducting the ritual to curse Kellen’s bloodline.

In the chapel, Ghaz and 3 assistants stand in front of 4 statue-less plinths. A fifth holds up a statue with it’s arms upraised as if stabbing. The ritualists are encased in shadows, no weapon can harm them. No shadows are cast in the room except by the statue. The party moves the statue to the empty plinth behind Ghaz, then strike Ghaz. The shadowy form of Ghaz screams wildly the shadows recede, Ghaz is transformed into a Spectre, screams an unholy scream and attacks the party. Leon, the storm cleric calls down the fire of the gods and mortally wounds the spectre, the party finish her off. She explodes with necromantic light and takes the assistants with her to hell.