Chapter 3: For Eldritch / by Anthony Morales

Our heroes have a lead on the location of Baronnes Zorome's phylactery. But they have some unfinished business with a half-ogre.

After the heroes destroyed the herald of the Baroness Lich Zorome and his zombies, Lord Kellen and other high ranking nobles left to a council meeting. Isen delivered the heroes reward for their help: one healing potion each, a sum of gold, and condolences for their fallen comrade.

The interrogation of Eldritch's killer's companion yielded useful information. The pair were hired to exact revenge for the death of Ghaz Etmos and to retrieve a map the heroes acquired from Ghaz' assistant. Eldritch was carrying the map, a stroke of luck for the killers. The half-ogre ran off with the map after killing Eldritch. The killer didn't know what was on the map but revealed that it had something to do with Kenvik, a farming town to the south east. Isen suggests the heroes talk to Rinley Three-Eyes the fortune teller, and a major source of intelligence for House Omvor.

Rinley Three-Eyes, is eating his favorite hangover cure: a greasy breakfast of duck eggs and buckwheat pancakes. After curt introductions (everyone knows the heroes by now), he shares with them that Juergen Millson, the famed adventurer/historian is seeking help with a site near Kenvik. As the foremost Zorome Historian he might be able to shed light on the mystery of the map. The site, says Juergen, is a ruined Yuanti hold. Juergen is set to leave with the next merchant caravan to Kenvik. He agrees to hire the adventurers. Our heroes have one thing to do first, avenge the death of their companion. To seal the deal with Juergen, Pip the gnome Druid agrees to escort him while the rest of the team tracks down the half-ogre in the hopes of finding the map and any other partners the murderers may have. The heroes find an abandoned camp in the forest east of Hamarsa. The half-ogre's dead body lies sprawled on a pallet. There's no map, and tracks lead away from the camp. As they search the camp they're attacked by giant spiders.

After slaying the spiders, they track the bandits east to a large hole in the ground. The entrance is flanked by two of the armed men arguing about whether they should go in. The half long wits I the shadows while Adon and Leon approach and talk to them. The conversation is tense, a fight breaks out. The heroes knock out one, in exchange for his freedom, the second bandit admits the map is in the cave, that giant spiders captured their companions.

The heroes enter the cave fight off 2 giant centipedes and a grick. Leon throws a rock into a dark tunnel, hits a wall and alerts spiders to their presence. A sentry attacks, is killed, then the party heads into the main feeding chamber where a pile of bodies wrapped in spider webs lie. The heroes approach the bodies slowly, then the spiders descend upon them! 3 spiders are killed after a heated battle, the remaining 2 run off to feed another day.

The heroes search the first humanoid body and find the map and a few coins. Weak and wary of spiders, the heroes run out of the the cave. As they step out from the mouth of the cave a net drops on top of them pinning them to the ground.