Chapter 5: The God-Killer / by Anthony Morales

Our heroes, having uncovered questions instead of answers in the Yuan-Ti ruins in Kenvik, travel to the capital of Omvor Hold to find out more about the mysterious Yuan-Ti. 

We pick up our heroes at the Black Dog Inn (famous for sweet potato hash browns). Pip and Juergen having recently arrived meet Adahn, Leon and Macro in the common room. Juergen furiously interrogates them and is shocked to learn of a live Yuan-Ti. Most believed them extinct, the stuff of children's stories. The heroes recount their adventure. Juergen for his part is disappointed and confused. He wonders, if the phylactery was not in the temple, why was the Baroness interested in the Fang of Vasnagi? He decides to do some more research. Makes copies of the two maps and a drawing of the Fang. His next stop will be the Yuan-Ti temple then to a library in Mystrang. They determine that the Black Opal on the map is the temple near Kenvik, the Ruby is near Myrstrang. Pip notices the colors match the house colors of the ruling families: red for Myrstrang, and white for Omvor.

The heroes decide to seek out Rinley Three-Eyes in Skorra. They want his help to identify the sites on the map. 

In Skorra they visit the library. Pip searches for heraldry looking for color matches with the jewels on the Yuan-Ti map. She finds a book on modern and ancient Atmerian heraldry and takes notes of heraldic symbols whose colors match the jewels on their map. 

Macro looks for and finds two books on the Yuan-Ti: The Yuan-Ti Snake Cult and Legends of the Yuan-Ti.

In a book on Yuan-Ti religious cults, Macro finds a reference to a mural depicting the Yuan-Ti god-eating ritual in which a Yuan-Ti ascends to godhood by killing their god with the dagger Vasnagi and then eating the god. The mural is in a place named Atlag, a city they’ve never heard of. Macro, reading aloud to Leon is interrupted by Valken a young wizard searching the books in the next aisle. He says he knows where Atlag is and, if he can come along, will show them. Atlag is in modern day Thornbyr, a mining town experiencing an unexpected boom. 

Flush with leads to the mystery of the Yuan-Ti dagger Vasnagi, they track down Rinley Three-Eyes, the fortune teller, in a seedy tavern called the Mancatcher. A rusty mancatcher hands above the door as the only signage. Within is Rinley carousing with some dangerous looking folks. When the heroes enter he quickly ushers them outside suggesting the Mancatcher isn’t safe for their conversation. He passes on the news that agents of House Myoor and the Syndicate are on the move all over the country searching for something - it seems they are searching for the same thing, but maybe not for the same reasons. Oddly enough, some have been seen in Thornbyr. The heroes decide to book the next airship to Thornbyr. 

It’s a few days before the flight to Thornbyr, so the heroes decided to make a little coin working. Adahn takes work as a blacksmith for a man named Oren. He earns enough to buy materials for a shield, but struggles to fashion it. Oren, seeing the determination in the young man helps him out and Adahn completes his shield: a reminder to protect, to be cautious. 

After the shield is finished, Oren approaches Adahn for help in finding his father, who was supposed to return from a trip to the wilderness days earlier. Adahn and the heroes follow a map and footpath to Baldir’s hut. Adahn and Pip, alight with honorable purpose, charge into the clearing around the hut to find four orcs ransacking. The fighter charges the orcs and the druid casts entangling snare. The entangled orcs are quickly dispatched the lone free orc attempts, but fails to flee. 

Adahn finds Baldir’s journal in the hut. He learns Baldir is out tracking a troll that threatens his territory and whose presence is emboldening orcs in the area. The heroes follow Baldir’s notes to the troll’s cave. On the way, Adahn retells a story he heard during his military days about the difficulty of killing constantly regenerating trolls. Macro recalls thieves guild members warning to always carry fire and acid into troll fight.

The heroes find the cave and charge in. The powerful nose of the  troll senses the entrance of the heroes almost immediately. It drops Baldir, who it was about to eat to catch dessert. It smacks it’s lips and says “Mmm… gnome meat!” The giant troll looms over the heroes biting and slashing with its claws. The druid, cleric and wizard pepper the troll with fire spells while the fighter and thief attack it with sword and dagger. Adahn taunts the troll and absorbs the trolls fury. Nearly exhausted, Adahn makes one last cut with his sword and is followed by a firebolt from the young wizard Valken. The troll screams in pain and falls dead.

Baldir thanks the heroes for saving him, and blesses them in the name of Forseti the God of Justice. 

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