Chapter 8: Backing into a Corner / by Anthony Morales

At the start of the session, Salvador Ironfist, the dwarf Druid working with Lord Kellen, informs the adventurers that one of his rangers spotted Yuan-Ti approaching Thornbyr. He asks Adahn the fighter to help him escort villagers to safety and asks the rest of the adventurers to create a diversion and draw the Yuan-Ti away from the fleeing villagers. 

Evelyn, having also been informed of the approaching Yuan-Ti, catches Pip in her cabin. Exasperated, she explains the agreement she reached with Adahn. Evelyn takes the fang of Vasnagi from Macro's bag and hands the bag to Pip saying he needs to get some clothes on and prepare to deal with the Yuan-Ti. 

Leon and Macro decide to draw the YuanTi towards the Frikka and begin to gather arms from the shipwrecks that litter the field. They aim all of the Frikka's ballistas towards the Yuan-Ti. Pip, Valken and a few of the crew dig a trench in front of the likely approach and light a wall of fire before it. Smoke reduces visibility over the entire area to just a few meters. 

The Yuan-Ti attack. Several are taken out by the ballistas. The remaining 6 kill a dozen sailors, the captain, knock out Valken, nearly kill Macro and take Pip hostage. During the fight, as the Yuan-Ti pressed an advantage, Evelyn disappeared below decks. The last anyone saw were flames coming up from the entrances to the holds.