• We'll use Adventurer’s League Rules especially for character creation.
  • Alignments should lean towards good (80/20 Good/neutral).
  • Tone: High Fantasy | Serious - with light-hearted moments.
  • Sessions will be no longer than 3 hours. We will start at the scheduled time. If you’re late, you will miss some of the story. We’re all responsible for moving the story forward, so please keep the time limit in mind.
  • Be willing to provide feedback on adventure design, story, DM style, etc.


  • Roll dice in the open. This enhances the enjoyment for everyone.
  • Roll damage dice with attack rolls (to speed up the game).
  • Make decisions in character.
  • Decide quickly.
  • For questions about a rule the DM will decide on the spot if the outcome doesn’t derail the campaign. Most of the time, I’ll rule in the player’s favor - ie. if the question is whether a winning roll is a tie or greater than, I’ll go with tie. After out-of-game research, the rule will be applied correctly.


If you play, I’d like to incorporate elements from stories/games you enjoy.

  • list your 3 favorite of each of the following: books, games, movies (fantasy or otherwise)
  • what kind of character would you like to play?
  • RP/DungeonCrawl what breakdown would you prefer? 50/50? what?
  • would you prefer that the DM roll in the open? or preserve the mystery?

I like to dive right into the story - so if you want to play, roll up your character and fill out the player signup sheet before game day. Then I can plan the adventure accordingly. Thanks!



Start Date: 2014 Dec
Location: Mage's Sanctum or Tribe Comics & Games
Time: 3pm to 6pm
Dates: Every Sunday


Adventurer’s League Rules
Player Signup Sheet