Major NPCs

Baroness Zorome (Lich)

A fallen witch defeated 30 years ago by a coalition of forces. Kellen Omvor and his Lightbringers played a key role. She announced her return by staging a zombie attack at the wedding celebration of Kellen Omvor.


Former lover of Kellen Omvor. She and Kellen fought together against the lich Baroness Zorome and her marauding armies. After the war she began researching necromancy. Her research drove her mad and she became obsessed with using necromancy to make their love eternal. Omvor turned her away disgusted. She vowed revenge and swore to end his line. She now practices her necromancy in the service of The Low King, a mysterious criminal. She’s discovered a ritual that will make Omvor and his kin sterile. Etmos plans to conduct the ceremony in the ancestral shrine of the Omvor where she discovered another secret.


Cousin to Lord Omvor, Lord of Hamarsa and his closest friend and family member. Human Paladin. Holds a grudge against Ghaz for her betrayal of Lord Omvor and the years of pain thereafter. Blames her for Kellen’s reluctance to marry. He fears for the line of Omvor. 

Kellen, Lord of Omvor

Twelfth of his line. Known for bravery and fairness, he fought against the lich Baroness Zorome and her armies. An inspiring and fearless leader his closest companion in the fight against the Baroness, and his lover, went mad. Recently he found a new love and was married. 

Rinley Three-eyes

Fortune teller in Myrstrang, friend of Lord Kellen. His office faces the bay facing Murstodt Island. In the front window, facing the bay, is nothing but a large telescope pointed towards the horizon. 


Town of Hamarsa

Freki Klyppnar, human, town butcher, former light-bringer

Kollr Gormson, (recently deceased) Keeper of the Dead for Hamarsa, cleric of light, former light-bringer

Gaddi Rengeson, weaver, former light-bringer, fought beside Kellen against Zorome

Olaf Gragh, human fallen paladin servant of Zorome, disguised himself as an apprentice Keeper of the Dead after killing Kollr Gormson. 

Thilda Audrellin, human female, bride of Kellen Omvor